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Untold Stories Come Alive

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by

Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union; the start of WWII. The war exacted an

enormous physical and human toll. Apart from the millions of dead, millions

others became displaced from their homes. Many of these displaced persons found

a home outside of their homeland, in England, Australia and North America, in

places like Toronto and Buffalo. Since settling here, these immigrants quietly built

new lives, worked hard and generally kept silent about what they had experienced.

Conscious of the fact that many of the survivors have died, taking their stories to

their graves forever, the Polish Legacy Project in Buffalo-WWII was formed with

the aim of documenting the stories of those who are still among us. Feeling a sense

of urgency, we have set out to capture these stories in order to share them with

the community at large.

Members of The Polish Legacy Project-WWII Conference organizing committee are:

Andy Golebiowski, Chair

Teresa Fundalinski

Eve-Zwolak Gelley

Regina Senko-Hanchak

Anna Fundalinski-Kaczynski

Sophie Hodorowicz-Knab

Tony Markut, Treasurer

Ann Zwolak-Rouleau, Secretary

Contact: Andy Golebiowski      email: andywbuffalo@yahoo.com     Phone: 716-510-7562